LSC staff

  • Pat Malloy

    Lead Pastor

    Pat Malloy just celebrated his first year of ministry as Lead Pastor at Living Stones. Last year he and his family - wife Angela and kids Reegan, Makayla, Caidence and Josiah - decided to call LSC home! They immediately fell in love with the people here at LSC. They saw this as a church where you can just be real and not have to fake it. (It is crazy how often we hear this from others!) Pat also said “We love the mission and vision of Living Stones. The love and care for this community and neighborhood is infections and exciting!” 

    The Malloys hail from Milwaukee Wisconsin … which is obvious if you talk sports with Pat. Green Bay Packers, Wisconsin Badgers, Milwaukee Brewers are his teams. Obviously we didn’t hire him for his taste in sport teams!😉 Pat’s education background is in Elementary Education where he taught in the public school system in Milwaukee prior to being called to ministry. He served as a Children’s Pastor and then Associate Pastor for eleven years. We asked Pat what brings him the most joy from serving in ministry and he shared, “I love seeing people experience Jesus and the life change that he can bring. There is nothing as rewarding as sharing the truth about who Jesus is and watching people embrace that truth and allow him to change and impact their lives. It is a true joy to hear people’s stories, engage in relationship and walk through life with them.” 

    Since he’s still kind-of the new guy around here, we wanted to share some more fun and interesting info about Pat …. * He dislikes hot liquids - coffee, tea, soup, hot chocolate, etc. * He played hurling (not curling, but hurling) with the Milwaukee Hurling Club. * His favorite vacation spots would have to include mountains or national parks - Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountains, etc. * Elk and Bison are his favorite animals as he is amazed by their size and beauty. *He’d loved to have met Teddy Roosevelt, Isaac Newton, Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein. *When he’s not working you will probably find Pat playing cards or board games with his family, or spending time outside with them. He loves to go for hikes and walks, fishing and sitting by the fire. *He loves to read. *The adventurous side of Pat loves backpacking. *Romans 5:8 is his favorite scripture: “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” *He believes people would describe him as caring, gracious and genuine. *Three words he used to describe himself - curious, encouraging and competitive. * Bonus info shared from his staff … he has a unique (and weird) way of pronouncing certain words: bagel, vague, crevice, pagan and a few others!

  • Angie Medors

    Director of Ministries

    Angie Medors has been serving on LSC staff since 2013.  Angie says "God in His perfect timing opened up the door for a position at the church before anyone else knew that I had just resigned from my previous job."  She and her family - husband of 23 years, Sky; Mara, 21; Allison, 18; Seth, 14 - have called LSC home since 2008.  Sky and Angie knew the first time they sat through a Sunday service that they had found their new church home.  For Angie it was the church's love for their neighbors and desire to serve others that kept her coming back from more. 

    Her background may be with a degree in Environmental Science from Purdue University - Boiler Up- but her heard has always been in serving others by teaching and leading in whatever capacity was offered.  Angie is still amazed at how much God took an unchurched child and led her on a path to discover that He had so much in store for her, including serving in ministry.  Since serving in ministry she says her biggest joys come when "I have opportunity to be in the mix with our neighbors.  When I get to know others and listen to their stories, it's always such a blessing in my day!"

    Enjoy some fun/interesting facts about Angie: 

    *Most people don't know she's not a natural "red-head."

    *She actually enjoys running! She's completed a full marathon - 26.2 miles -and over a dozen 1/2 marathons.

    *Her favorite animals include giraffes, otters and penguins

    *She loves most sports... except soccer! She's spent a lot of years sitting in bleachers watching her kids participate.  But she also loves to watch college football, college basketball and college softball with family.

    *Ice cream and cereal would be at the top of the list of Angie's favorite foods. 

    *Angie LOVES vacation and road trips with her family to explore new destinations.  She says "I don't understand people who use their vacation time to go to the same place every year." :)

    *She has a slight obsession for all things true-crime... TV series, documentaries, books, podcasts, etc.  She often makes references to how things she sees of experiences could easily turn into a Dateline or Law and Order episode! Haha!! 

    *Her favorite scripture verse is Joshua 1:9... Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

    Lastly, Angie says she believes people would use the words "outgoing, joyful, and compassionate" to describe her.  She says she'd probably use "optimistic, dedicated, and 'likes to nap' to describe herself. 



    Director of Student Ministries & Engagement

    Meredith Waltman has been attending Living Stones Church for 10 years now. What kept her coming back for more at LSC is still true today … Meredith loves the “come as you are” atmosphere. She says, “you realize quickly that you don’t have to have it all together to belong here because we’re all on a journey of focusing on and becoming more like Jesus.” In 2011 Meredith helped bring the Recess Day Camp, serving the children in our neighborhood, to a reality and in 2013 became a permeant fixture as LSC Staff. 

    As Director of Student Ministries Meredith shares that the best part of her position is “getting to walk alongside our students and families. Students challenge you constantly and I love the conversations that happen with them on a weekly basis.” It’s no surprise that Meredith spends the majority of her time investing in the lives of the next generation, because in her entire adult life she has worked with children/youth in some way. From working in Early Childhood Education, Children’s ministry and now youth, Meredith sees the Kingdom value in investing in young lives! 

    Meredith is married to Jim (also serving on staff at LSC) and they have a daughter, 6 year old Coraline. As a family they love to spend time together outside exploring nature and playing games and make-believe. 2020 was the year the Waltman’s decided to start a small homestead project which included a vegetable garden and 4 chickens. Other outdoorsy things Meredith loves to do are kayak, hike and sit around a campfire. 

    A few other interesting facts about our Director of Student Ministries … She LOVES coffee and cannot function without it! (But do you blame her? She works with teenagers!! ) She’s also very intrigued with the human anatomy, “specifically how God formed us and created all of these unique features and functions of the human body.” She is fascinated by human hearts, lungs and brains, so much so, that she has an anatomical heart tattooed on her shoulder. Meredith loves to create and craft in her free time and seeks out projects that use many different kinds of media … like cement and resin. Meredith believes others would describe her as creative, hyper and outgoing. Finding three words she would use to describe herself wasn’t easy, but after much prodding she said, “sarcastic, caffeinated, creative.” 

    Ephesians 3:17-19 is Meredith’s favorite scripture … “May your roots go down deep into the soil of God’s marvelous love; and may you be able to feel and understand, as all God’s children should, how long, how wide, how deep, and how high his love really is.”

  • Jenn Paul

    Director of Children's Ministry

    Jenn has been the LSC Director of Children's Ministries since Jan. 2017. She began attending LSC about 8 years ago and she and her husband Chris Paul were married at LSC in 2015! Jenn and Chris share 3 daughters - Libby 22; Colleen 17; Gabby 15. 

    With a background in Early Childhood Education from IUSB, Jenn says it brings her great joy when “watching a kid ‘get it’ when we’re doing a lesson or hearing from parents that the kids are singing songs they learned or repeating bible verses from the Sunday teachings!” Having Kids Classes shut down for nearly 7 months this year was difficult for Jenn because one of her favorite things about her position is building relationships with the children and her volunteer team each week. She’s pretty excited to have kids joining classes - in person - again on Sundays! 

    Jenn believes if people had to describe her in 3 words they’d chose loyal, generous and caring. In describing herself in 3 words she offered, “Work. In. Progress!” Aren’t we all?!?! Many people don’t know that Jenn began taking dance classes at the age of 30 and trained in ballet, jazz, tap and Polynesian. During the 10 years of lessons she also competed in several dance competitions! When asked about some of her favorites, she shared *Favorite Foods - tacos! *Favorite sports/teams - meh! *Favorite vacation spots - anyplace with an ocean or beach or Tennessee *Favorite animals - elephants, giraffes, hippos and any and al primates (noticing she didn’t include her dog Gus! He might need some therapy soon!) Jenn also loves to read, crochet, binge watch TV shows with Chris and visit used book stores (another fun fact - she loves the smell of old books!) 

    As she has a tattoo to prove it, her favorite scripture is Philippines 4:6-7 - “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

  • Jim Waltman

    Director of Worship & creative Arts

    Jim Waltman has served on the LSC staff since 2018, but at that point had already been a regular fixture to the worship band since he and his wife, Meredith, began attending in 2010. With the Waltman’s both working on staff, their 6 year old daughter, Cora, who sometimes thinks she owns the place. (We see great leadership skills in her future 😂). For Jim, the main thing that kept him coming back for more at LSC was the PEOPLE and their willingness to serve. He said, “it’s such a unique makeup or cross-section of people. LSC is literally made up of all walks of life, and we love the diversity.”

    Jim hales from his hometown of Lebanon, Indiana and he wants to be sure you pronounce it correctly … Leba “NON”, not Leba “nin” or Lebtucky. After moving to the area and serving in the USAF National Guard, he worked towards his degree in Liberal Arts from Bethel University with a focus on Psychology and History. But music has always been such an important part of Jim’s life. When describing the joy he receives from serving on staff he states, “Music is an extension of me, it is like breathing, so to be able to use that to lead the congregation in worship is a wonderful thing. I love it when the entire congregation comes together as one on a song, and we all lift our voices together in praise. Feeling that spirit is an amazing thing.”

    If you know just one thing about Jim, it might be his passion for pizza, pizza, and pizza ! He believes it should be it’s own food group. Jim has other likes also, such as ancient history, humpback whales and anything historical like antiques. If you don’t know Jim very well, you might not realize how sarcastic he can be. He said, “this has gotten me into trouble before. People don’t realize I’m joking and think I’m either a jerk or not the smartest guy!” When he’s not at LSC you might find Jim training in MMA/kickboxing, riding his green John Deere tractor and living his best life with his family. Jim thinks people would probably describe him as hairy, unique and maybe slightly crazy, but describes himself as joyful, peaceful and unique.

    Philippians 4: 10-13 is Jim’s favorite scripture to go to when things are tough or things seem to not being going the way he’d hoped. “I rejoiced greatly in the Lord that at last you renewed your concern for me. Indeed, you were concerned, but you had no opportunity to show it. I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”