I'M ready to serve


Your PASSION will tell you where you are best suited to serve. Passion is the God given desire that compels us to make a difference in a particular ministry. When you discover your passion - you are on your way to being in a sweet spot of ministry. Ask God to reveal your passion. Ask God to give you a passion. Your SPIRITUAL GIFT will indicate what you will do when you serve. Begin to get involved in your “best guess” and then discern as you move into something. Spiritual gifts are divine endowments. They are used for spiritual purposes. They are ability God has given to us to make our unique contribution. Every believer has at least one Spiritual Gift and has a place of service in the body of Christ. Ask God for a particular gift. Even better - ask God to give you exactly what you need for the area of ministry and service you are currently serving in. Your PERSONAL STYLE will inform you of how you will serve. It is God-given and there is no right or wrong. We are all different. You will step into ministry that isn’t your most natural, but you can do it. Again - visit those spaces. What you want to find is that space where you are stepping into your natural personality to do ministry. Ask God for clarity and the exact opportunity to match it.