Living Stones is excited to share plans for the Monroe 180 partnership!  As a church called to serve its neighborhood, we felt God leading us to the 400 plus students attending Monroe school.  These students, whether attending school in person or virtually will see support from LSC in various ways throughout the entire school year (180 days to be exact)!  In serving the students of Monroe, we are able to see Kingdom work being done not just in the school, but also in the homes of our neighborhood, as the majority of Monroe students live in the neighborhood surrounding LSC!

To kick-off the Monroe 180 Partnership there are already several ways for you to get involved ... see below.  

Additional ways to support Monroe 180 will be released periodically.  Stay tuned to learn more and get involved.  

Any questions, contact Angie Medors, Director of Ministries:


    When students return to the classroom, they will be required to each have their own supplies, eliminating the ability for teachers to share supplies between students.  We'd love to shower each classroom with all the supplies they need to have a successful school year.  Based on items teachers requested, we've created an Amazon Wish List for you to easily shop and support Monroe 180.  Click the link, choose what items you'd like to donate and complete the order.  Most items qualify for free shipping and all orders will ship directly to LSC.  

  • multicultural books

    Classrooms are often filled with books, but many children's books lack a representation of diversity and multiculturalism.  By clicking on the Amazon Wish List you can purchase books that will be donated to Monroe Classrooms.  These books reflect and honor the lives of all young people and introduce characters in which all children can see themselves in the pages of a book!  Books can be purchased in soft or had cover.  By shopping via the wish list, orders will be shipped directly to LSC.

  • prayer partners

    When asking Monroe staff what are some "needs" we could help fulfill, Prayer Partners were at the top of the list.  We're looking for LSC'ers who will commit to praying regularly for a Monroe teacher/staff member that they are paired with for the entirety of the school year.  As a prayer partner you will get information from us with info about the teacher/staff, the best way to contact them, etc.  We ask that you pray for them regularly, reach out to them often to see how they are and what you can be praying for, and encourage them.  Our goal is to have one LSC'er for each of the 80 Monroe teachers and staff!  If you'd like to be a prayer partner, please click here and complete the form.  Any questions, contact .

  • Reuasable masks

    Regardless of when students return to the classroom, the reality is that masks will be required.  To help ease the burden on families and the school, we'd like to supply an abundance of washable masks.  (We've also included disposable masks as an option to purchase from the Amazon Wish List).  Contact if you want to help sew reusable  masks or have materials to donate.