I Love South Side started as a "no-strings attached" outreach ministry early in the history of Living Stones Church.  The goal has always been to serve the very neighborhood we reside in ...  which happens to be the south side of South Bend, Indiana.  Early programs and activities were rooted in the efforts to show the love of Jesus in tangible ways.  Over the 15+ years of ILSS history, the goal has evolved. "I Love South Side" is as much a way of life as it is a vehicle for serving our neighbors and forming relationships with them. We are a neighborhood church that is deeply invested in our south side neighborhood.  If the church (and then the ILSS community development programs) vanished from the neighborhood overnight, we would want people to say, "We miss them.  They were part of us."  I Love South Side is a ministry of Living Stones Church, but participants, team planning members, and volunteers have no requirement to part of LSC also.  Our love goes beyond the walls of 718 Donmoyer Avenue and we believe those who are part of I Love South Side should also go beyond the property as well.  

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