God never intended for us to live the Christian life alone. The Book of Acts gives us a great picture of the early church - where group members engaged in life together spending time eating, learning, celebrating, proclaiming the Good News and supporting each other. It was a place where people loved, forgave, served, bore burdens, encouraged, prayed, equipped, spoke truth in love and treated each other as a precious member of one body. At LSC we want our GROUPS to follow those same ideas as we gather together on a weekly basis outside of our normal Sunday worship. And we want each of our Living Stoners to experience the spiritual growth, connections and friendships that can happen in community ... in GROUPS. 


  • Kristin & Joe Jamison- 22605 Ireland Rd, SB, 46614

    GROUP FOR MEN & Women, 20's & 30's | Mondays @ 7:00 PM

    Kristin and Joe have been married for 7 years - both Purdue grads. (Boiler Up!) Joe works as a mechanical engineer and Kristin is a family nurse practitioner.  Outside of work, Joe enjoys autocross racing and Kristen enjoys playing volleyball and baking.  Joe and Kristen enjoy meeting new people and are looking forward to discussion, building relationship and growing as a group this season. Group members can plan on enjoying a meal each week while spending time studying scripture and how they can apply it to their daily lives.

    Fun fact about Kristin:  She has a bucket list wish to Scuba Dive with the great white sharks!! Yikes!!

    Fun fact about Joe: He was a regional class champion for autocross last year.  And recently he and Kristin took a vacation to Germany to experience the world’s longest and most famous race track. 

  • Clive Neal- Living Stones Church Little Theatre

    Group for men | Tuesdays @ 6:30 PM

    Clive's mens group will spend time studying digging deep into scripture.  Through discussion the men's group will seek to find ways to apply the biblical principles seen in the scripture into our every day living.  Clive is from "out of town" as shown by his accent.  He is passionate about the Lord, his family, getting humans to live and work successfully on the Moon, and scientific ocean drilling.  He is married to Denise (another out of towner), who keeps him on the straight and narrow.  

    Fun fact about Clive: He's good friends with Apollo 17 astronaut and Moon walker, Harrison Schmitt.  He has also met other astronauts: Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11), Dave Scott (Apollo 15), John Young and Charlie Duke (Apollo 16), Gene Cernan (Apollo 17). 

  • Dana Clark - LSC, COmmunity ROom

    GROUP FOR Mom's of Pre-K Kids | TUESDAYS @ 10:30 AM

    Dana is looking forward to gathering with mom’s of pre-schoolers each week! This group will spend time looking in depth at different women in the Bible and discussing how God used each woman in his plan of salvation. Mom’s can bring their little tykes along, with the goal having kids supervised in one room, so the women can have real, uninterrupted discussions in their study.  Dana is a wife and mother to 2 tiny humans.  She’s pretty laid back and tends to roll with the punches.  As a former barista she loves to make people coffee and listen to their stories.  She doesn’t publicly pass judgment on the coffee she drinks, but deep down, she knows good coffee from bad!

    Fun Fact about Dana:  When she hears the beat drop, she transforms into a Dancing Queen, leaving a trail of fire behind her.  With years of dance in her background, she completely takes over the dance floor, but usually only at weddings or dance parties with her kids.  

  • Lowell & Katie Kosak - 850 Lincolnway E., Mish 46544

    GROUP FOR College Age | Mondays @ 7:00 PM

    The Kosak’s love hosting in their home and invite college aged/young adults to experience “Dinner and Discussion” on Monday evenings.  The group will spend time in a study of Genesis, using Marty Solomon’s BEMA Discipleship study and weekly podcast.  Marty, the author of the studay, and Lowell are great friends and both work for Impact Campus Ministries, reaching out to many national college campuses. Katie’s job doesn’t involve travel like Lowell’s, but she goes on every day adventures working with students at Nuner Primary School.  College aged/young adults can count on community and connection in this group and also get some “home cooking” to go along with it.   

    Fun fact about Katie: She has a collection of over 100 tea pots and cups.  Some call it a sickness, but she believes it’s because she has the spirit of hospitality!

    Fun fact about Lowell:  He has made over 100 pieces of furniture in his workshop and especially loves to create pieces that are made from re-purposed barn and pallet wood. 

  • Tina Ruth - 58260 Pam Dr, South Bend, 46619

    GROUP FOR Women | MONDAYS @ 6:45 PM

    Tina is recently retired and would consider herself adventurous and curious... she's currently learning to play the cello! She loves taking walks in the woods, playing the piano, watching home decorating shows and spending time with her husband, Jim.  She is also very passionate about studying scripture and is our Prayer Ministry leader at LSC.  Tina has decided her women's group will study 2 Corinthians from the New Testament.  This book of the Bible is one of Paul's most personal letters. In it he talks of forgiveness and reconciliation, comfort and suffering.  Tina's looking forward to the discussions and spiritual growth during this spring with her women's group.

    Fun fact about Tina:  Not many can say this, but Tina actually met the child she sponsors through Compassion International during her travels to the Dominican Republic.  Bonus Fact ... she's also related to Chief Little Turtle. 

  • Jeff & Debbie Gritton - 4825 Selkirk Dr, SB, 46614

    GROUP FOR Men & WOMEN | Sundays @ 6:00 PM

    Jeff and Deb have been together almost 45 years.  Over half of those years have been devoted to opening their home to small groups.  They love to think of their home as a safe place for men and women to join in community, whether their lives are thriving, spiraling out of control, hurting or just plain broken.  The Gritton group will be studying from Robert Morris' book, "Beyond Blessed" focusing on the importance of being a good steward, not only with your finances, but with every part of your life. 

    Fun fact about the Gritton's: Their relationship began in a Ponderosa Steak House in Lansing Michigan in 1974.  Each year they celebrate their meeting by finding a Ponderosa they have never eaten at to enjoy a steak dinner.  In 2019 they look forward to celebrating their 45 year meeting in Ottawa, Iowa. 

  • Denise Neal - LSC, Community Room

    GROUP FOR WOMEN | Tuesdays @ 6:30 PM

    Denise says of herself, “I love God, love my family, and love getting to know and encourage women of all ages in walking the walk and talking the talk.”  Denise is also very passionate about learning how to hear God’s voice, move more in the Spirit and spending daily time on her personal relationship with Jesus.  She’s a supportive (and busy) mother and grandmother who enjoys gardening, knitting, reading and also has a deep passion for animals.  Denise’s Tuesday night women’s group will draw discussions from video talks of some of Denise’s favorite Christian women, Joyce Meyer, Priscilla Shirer, Lisa Beverley and Kris Reece.  

    Fun fact about Denise:  When she was 7 or 8 years old, the Queen of England and Prince Phillip came to my school and she and her schoolmates sang for them.  She also got to shake hands and curtsy.  Rubbing elbows with Royalty!!

  • Lowell Kosak - Girst's Home, 818 Hidden Creek Dr, SB, 46614

    GROUP FOR Men & WOMEN | Wednesdays @ 6:30 PM

    Lowell will be leading group members through a study in Genesis, using Marty Solomon’s BEMA Discipleship study and weekly podcast. The main idea behind the study being that, it is not our desire to recreate an ancient world, but to learn from its successes and implement something vibrant into the culture of today.  Lowell’s small group welcomes couples and singles of all ages. Lowell and his wife Katie have been married 28 years and have 2 adult sons. Lowell’s been in ministry all his life, and currently works with Impact Campus Ministries.  

    Fun fact about Lowell: He hates heights, so much so, that Lowell’s  been stuck on a roof and had to get  help down. Several years ago, he took a dare from some former youth ministry students and ended up jumping off a 50 foot cliff to cold waters of Grayson Lake below. He jumped twice, literally scared stiff and not able to scream going down!!!

  • Celebrate Recovery - LSC, Worship Center

    GROUP FOR MEN & WOMEN | Mondays @ 7:00 PM

    ** CR is not “technically” a LSC group, but offers the support and community commonly seen in our LSC groups.  This might be the perfect space for you!

    Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered program for anyone struggling with hurt, pain or addiction of any kind. Whether it is an addiction, anger, codependency, food related, love and relationship struggles or abuse, Celebrate Recovery is a safe place to find community and freedom from the issues that may be controlling your life. Consider attending a CR gathering on any Monday to learn more. CR meets EVERY Monday at 7pm in the Worship Center. Free childcare is provided.

    Celebrate Recovery at LSC is led by three long-time Living Stoners: Jim Ruth, CJ Rowland and Sarah Bles.  Each of them has experienced CR through their own hurts, habits, and hang-ups and are able to lead in a very transparent yet supportive way.