events & announcements

  • B.Y.O.BANANA!! 

    Friday, June 8th, 7pm: LSC Kids will host a BYOB event .... Bring Your Own Banana ... to kick off the kiddos summer break. If you and your family will attend, be sure to bring the bananas and we’ll provide all the ice cream and toppings to create your family style banana split! It’s a great way to meet other families! 


    FLAMINGO MAFIA: Beware Living Stoners - the FLAMINGOS are about to migrate to South Bend and might just roost in your lawn ... that is if somebody “hires” our SEISMIC high school students to flock your yard!!! You can NOW order flocks of flamingos to be sent to a yard of your choosing, for a donation of $10-$30, to help offset summer camp costs for our high school students. If you fear the flamingos, you can acquire “Anti-Flocking Insurance” for the low price of $20. Find the Mafia crew outside after service to hire your hit!