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    Beacon Health is bringing their 3 week summer program “EMBRACE” to Living Stones, July 9 - 26, Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs,10am-2pm, for K-4th grade Monroe and Madison School students who have experienced childhood trauma. The program’s focus is to help children acquire skills of resiliency, provide a safe place, and nurture their minds during the summer! Thanks to a 5 year grant, Beacon is providing staff, supplies, food (breakfast, lunch, & snack!), and curriculum aimed at health and nutrition, socio emotional learning and building protective factors important to developing resilience … they just need our space and passion!! Thus, we need some volunteers to help bring the fun and care! Let us know you’re interested on the back of the check-in card or email for more info. 

    *** Please note this 3 week program is NOT connected to and is completely separate from our Ready. Set. School! Event on July 28th. ***